Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Le Tour

Semi-Related to the below post is the mission statement and motto of The Animal Club Touring Company:

All 50 by 2050
We Set Reasonable Goals

This is a gauntlet I threw down in 2003 to inspire us to perform in random places. I think we're up to 13 states or something like that, which is nice. The one rule I insisted on was that once we hit 49, we wait until New Years Eve 2049 to get that last state done. If possible, I'd like that show to be scheduled for 11:45 PM, which leaves a distinct possibility we won't get the last show in on time. I'd like to think that ambitious long-term goals with a generous timetable should be subject to the same disregard for practicality as our short-term goals, by which I mean, we should give ourselves every conceivable opportunity to screw it up.


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