Tuesday, November 15, 2005

hail, hail to old point park U

as the madden '04 season winds down, attention turns to the upcoming nfl draft- starring YOU!

as we've said before, shane and i, and to a lesser extent the rest of the house, have taken to naming every single college football player in NCAA 2004. We've also taken to themeing some of the teams, and here are the more fun ones:

Colorado: South Park characters (C: eric cartman, RG:uncle jimbo)
San Diego Sate: Arrested Development characters (starting QB: michael bluth, starting P: buster bluth)
Cal: Hollywood Legends (RB: george burns, SS: johnny carson)
Tulane: Monsters of Literature (MLB: walt whitman, TE: louisa may alcott)
Baylor: Characters of Monsters of Literature (RB: Phillip Parrip, FB: Flat Stanley)
Army: combination of actual army guys, movie army guys and GI Joes (QB: George Patton, FB: Gung Ho)
Navy: combination of actual navy guys, movie navy guys, and GI Joes (WR: Alan Sheppard, WR: Wet Suit)
Wake Forrest: Presidents! (QB: geroge washington, DT: William Henry Harrison)
Boise State: The Team with the funny nicknames (QB: Honker Billingsly, SS: Lil' Mac Hackinsack)
Northwestern: IO People (DE: Rachael Mason, HB: Dave Pasquesi)
Illinois: Second City People (QB: Norm Holly, DE: Ranjit Souri)
Eastern Colorado State: Video Game Characters (OLB: The Cop From NARC, CB: Link Thingstabber (from zelda)

new ones yet to be done:
UCLA: Game Show Hosts or names that sound like Game Show Hosts (ie: Tark Giddleson, Hank Hardwood)
Fresno State: C-List Celebrities (ie: Freddie Prinz Jr., Carrot Top)
Wyoming: LOTR characters (ie: Dark Lord Sauron, Tom Bombadil)

could YOU be on the next roster? chances are, yes, because we've almost run out of people we know to put on teams. are YOU already on a team? ask and ye shall find out.


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