Wednesday, November 16, 2005

look who's awake!

The dreaded insomnia bug hit me again last night. It's a quarter to six, and I've already showered and made my bed. I didn't sleep last night, choosing instead to google "heart disease" and look at empty message boards.

I feel very attractive right now. And by attractive, I mean "painful razor burn". I really must switch the blades in my Mach 3.

You may have noticed this post (title aside) has impeccable spelling, punctuation, capitalization and, perhaps, grammar. It's all part of my "It's a Whole New Baz" project. As I continue my ascension from the depths of depression, I find myself standing on the edge of a relapse. I can sort of feel when things are getting out of control, chiefly expressed as disproportionate emotional responses to everyday (and extraordinary) occurrences. I thought a fun way to try to stave it off until I can get my therapy sessions and Zoloft® prescription back in good standing is to start breaking my sloppy writing habits. For a long time I treated grammar and punctuation the same way I treat fashion- no need to dress it up; if it's attractive you'll know it. But reading over some recent posts of mine, I was frightfully inconsistent with my choice, and it just led to unreadable messes. So, with every once of will I have, this post will have no uncapitalized proper noun I's, and I promise to think my commas out in advance.

As an added bonus, you blog readers will get to witness my slow decent into sleep deprivation-feuled madness! I have a full slate at the office today, and I'll blog often. Watch my mental status gradually slip into cognizant silliness, followed by heavy-headed analyzation, absurdist delirium, and finally a car crash!

Well, as you can see, I have a busy, busy day ahead of me. Wish me luck! (in seven different languages, no less!)

buona fortuna! (Italian)
goed geluk (Dutch)
bonne chance (French)
viel glueck (German)
boa sorte (Portuguese)
buena suerte (Spanish)
祝好运 (Chinese, Simplified Han)


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