Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sitcom Generator

Ever wanted to pitch a prime time sitcom to a network? Had a hard time coming up with ideas? Just use this handy generator to develop your sitcom for you! All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and a Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series is on it's way. Try it out:

___a___ is the owner of a ___b___ in ___c___ ___d___. His ___e___ wife and two college-age daughters struggle to make ends meet and make sense of their new surroundings, highlighted by the goofy regulars, ___f___, a man with ___g___, ___h___ as the wacky neighbor, and Officer ___i___, who's always threatening to shut down the ___b___.

Special guest stars include ___j___ as ___k___, and Woody Harelson as ___l___.


A= Stand Up Comedian
B= Small business establishment
C= a) inner city, b) suburban, c) rural
D= City
E= Ethnicity
F= African American Man's name
G= Disability
H= a) John Larroquette, b) Robert Downey, Jr., c) Dennis Farina
I= Ethnic Name
J= a) Sean Hays, b) Ted Danson, c) Jane Curtain
K= a) The Mayor, b) The newspaper Reviewer of local businesses matching answer B, c) A's best friend from college
L= himself


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