Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Jersey Netting

There was a time in my little chronicled life, although I can't recall exactly when, that I didn't know why New Jersey's NBA team was called the Nets. And deny as you will, but I'm sure we were all there at one time. You may have been unable to walk or talk, but there was a time where you thought New Jersey's basketball team could be used to catch tuna. Sure, this seems like a pretty stupid team name in hindsight, but in foresight, isn't the real team name just as stupid even if the definition is different?

Seriously, if we were to go by that rule, than the MLB would have the Atlanta Baseballs and the NFL would have the San Francicso Kicker's Tees. And who wants sports where the size of a league depends on how much equipment is used?


Blogger baz said...

Dude, you forgot the Montreal Crossbars. I know hockey isn't all that popular, but come on...

5:19 PM  

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