Tuesday, January 03, 2006

eMuisc, NO! (auf deutch, eMusic nein!)

Merry actual music Christmas, Baz. Here's what you got yourself:

Deerhoof: The Runners Four- I promised myself I'd stop listening to Post-Rock in 2006, but this album is way too good. If I'd heard this before, it would have made my top ten list for 2005.
Various: The Late, Great Daniel Johnston, Disc 1- A motley bunch covers DJ's classics, including Clem Snide's great take on "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grieveance" and Bright Eyes sounding more Bright Eyesish than ever doing "Devil Town". Also featuring Tom Waits and TV On the Radio.
The New Pornographers: Twin Cinema- Plodding indie pop, a little dab of that synth, new wave stuff the kids are so crazy about these days, a lot of rock. Good stuff.
Art Brut: Bang Bang Rock and Roll- Good old fashioned indie rock album. From Britain. That isn't Clinic. Wha?
Babyteeth: "Rich Girl"- awesome. Babyteeth is this terrific R&B/Pop/Soul act from Chicago, and this cover of the Hall and Oates classic is just as awesome as it is sloppy (which is what makes it awesome in the first place. that and the wurlitzer. f'ing classic)


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