Monday, January 09, 2006

Sketchfest '06 Week 1

So, the first week of Chicago Sketchfest '06 is over. And to even attempt to describe it is ludicrous, but never the less, it was a sleepless, laugh-filled, salsa and chips fed, alcohol consumed, Trapped in the Closet watching weekend of inspiration. We housed Meat, Becky and Noelle, and, for a couple of nights even, most of Elephant Larry and we loved every moment.

Sketchfests happen only four or five times a year and the more you do them, the more friends you make, and the more they become like family reunions (I just realized how much union looks like onion). And it's this amazing feeling of seeing all these people that you rarely ever see. People from New York and LA and Seattle and North Clorton-which isn't even a real city, but you get the point. You meet up with friends that you only really have because of sketchfests because of four or five meetings a year. And yet, they're still so strong and meaningful. There's still a hug instead of a handshake. And the conversation is comfy and nourishing (like a pillow filled with granola bars). Everyone seems so alive and we're all riffing on each other. We're all making each other laugh without that competitive feeling of having to make someone laugh. It's incredible. I've got nothing more to say except that these meetings with our friends are all too brief.

Thanks to Brian and Jill and all the organizers of the festival and to all our friends in all the groups for so many laughs.


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