Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Suggested Super Bowl Wagers for the Mayors of Seattle and Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh: 6 cases of Iron City Beer
Seattle: 6 buckets of rain water

Seattle: 1 Boeing Airplane
Pittsburgh: 2 Boeing Airplanes

Seattle: Miniature Space Needle, Bag of Starbucks Coffee
Pittsburgh: Miniature Statue of Liberty, Coffee Mug that says "Delaware"

Seattle: 1 Magnificent Pine Tree
Pittsburgh: 2 Dilapidated Smoke Stacks, 1 Dead Pine Tree

Seattle: The Sonics
Pittsburgh: The Penguins

Pittsburgh: The Animal Club, $400,000 cash
Seattle: Flaming Box of Stuff

Seattle: Mt. Rainier
Pittsburgh: The Monongahela River

Pittsburgh: A four bedroom house in Squirrel Hill
Seattle: An efficiency in Belltown

Pittsburgh: Hope for the future
Seattle: Nostalgia for recent past


Blogger Geoffrey said...

My favorite is Sonics/Penguins.

Which city will complete the set??!

2:08 PM  

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