Thursday, March 09, 2006


I've been thinking about Jansport lately. They have that lifetime guarantee deal with all their bags, which is really incredible. But, what would happen if everyone in the world bought a Jansport bag? That'd be like 12,000,000,000,063 (rough estimate of world's human population) bags! And if none of those ever needed replacing, than Jansport factories would have nothing to do, save the occasional person who wants two bags. Of course there's always more babies on the way, but who buys there newborn a bookbag? So, there'd be at least a 4-5 year gap in bookbag purchasing.

Would Jansport still honor their lifetime guarantee? There'd be have to be entire factories open soley for free repair. Meanwhile, absolutely no revenue would be coming in. What then? What then, my friends? Would the repair factories shut down? Or would they be kept open by the revenue made from the sale of 12,000,000,000,063 backpacks? Is it possible in this
world of possibilities that, in an effort to give everyone a bookbag forever, we'd destroy the possibility of a lifetime guarantee? It's enough to make 12,000,000,000,063 heads explode in what could only be called a Jansport Apocalypse. So, watch your back. The horsemen are coming not in fours but twelve trillion sixty-threes.


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