Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Mundane Cycle

There are times in my life where the days seem to string together into one super day that stretches along for weeks at a time. In this string there are no moments of distinction. Each day trickles into the next without a hint of excitement. Sometimes it's too much work that drags me down.
Sometimes I'm feeling creatively dry or haven't had a meaningful conversation in days. And, sadly, I know the current status of my financial state is usually a factor, too.

Regardless of the reason, this string of mundanity can seem almost suffocating. Suffocation by boredom. You try to breathe, but coinicidence prevents you from getting that much-needed gulp of
spontaneity. So you trudge on, sleep-deprived even if you've slept plenty. And it's in times like these that I'm guessing a person grabs the ol' sniper rifle and pops off a few at random from the top of a skyscraper. Me, I'll just settle for a bowl of blue moon ice cream and some inspired chat.


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