Monday, March 06, 2006

Gay Games! No! Not here!

So Chicago's hosting the quadrennial Gay Games in 2K6, and the suburban community of Crystal Lake has voted to not let the rowing event take place in their community.

One bigot at the meeting was quoted as saying "Please don't call me a bigot, because I am right there taking care of the consequences of a homosexual lifestyle." Her concern was that the event would increase the instances of AIDS in their small town community, and she has a point. Ever since Gay Games II, the opening ceremonies would include an AIDS-balloon fight (like a water balloon fight, but the balloons were filled with AIDS).

It just goes to show that if you start of a sentence with "Please don't call me a bigot, because...", you are most likely a bigot.

Anyway, a vacationing town rep who missed the vote called in to say, "let's try this one again", and a Crystal Lake minister have spoken in support of the games, so there's hope for Crystal Lake's struggling Musical Theatre Karaoke industry yet.


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