Sunday, March 05, 2006


(that's most valuable gay player, btw)

So Brokeback Mountain has sparked lots of discussion on the topic of homosexual acceptance, which is good. Part of that discussion is reflected in a poll conducted by Sports Illustrated on whether pro athletes would accept a gay teamate, which is weird.

Athletes and the sports media are talking about the issue now, which is good. It did take a movie about "gay cowboys" to start the discussion, though, which is weird.

The results were heartening; in all four major sports, majorities would accept a gay teammate, which is good. After the poll, the author listed a bunch of "Quick Facts", one of which was very, very weird:

'Among baseball players, 67.8% of those who said they would rather play for the Red Sox than for the Yankees also said they would welcome a gay teammate. Of those who picked the Yankees, only 54.2% said "yes."'

I have to wonder if that was the only other questions they asked. "Would you accept a gay teammate, and if you play baseball, would you rather play for the Red Sox, or the Yankees?"


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