Friday, March 03, 2006

Responsible Americans Unite!

On Thursday, the Senate voted in favor of renewing the USA Patriot Act with some minor changes, pretty much insuring that President Bush will receive the bill to sign sometime next week.

A sad day and I am tired of the hypocrisy*. What do they say again? When in Rome, do as the Romans.

So, starting today, I'm just going to make this easier for everyone and take some initiative. That being said, don't be upset if you hear the whirring of a recording device when you're talking with me. It's our responsibility to be responsible and if I say something unpatriotic, I should be the first one to report myself and ask that I please be sent somewhere awful* (like Guantanamo Bay, for instance-hint, hint for any government agents scanning this blog) where I can be maliciously prevented
from excersising human rights.

If you're like me, and would like to help our government in this Orwellian effort, here's some simple tips on how you can monitor yourself and those around you:

-Carry a tape recorder-a small concealed one is best-if one is unavailable, any old boombox with a record button will do. Use for both phone and face to face conversation. For face to face shots and unpatriotic landscapes a camera or video camera are helpful.

-Read all mail and email thoroughly (both incoming and outgoing), looking for anything suspicious and/or unpatriotic, the definition of suspicious and/or unpatriotic being anything that doesn't agree with the current facist* government's way of thinking:
ie- a dislike for the current condition in Iraq*, a feeling that the government responded poorly to Hurricane Katrina*, an anger at the state of the educational system*, the desire to see people marry who they want to*, a feeling that women should have the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion*, a general distrust in any and all things the current
president and his administration say*.
If you find yourself or anyone you're receiving email from expressing these sentiments, place an * next to the place in question. For mail, just highlight the area with a standard highlighter (I like the idea of color coding). This will make the FBI/CIA/Government Anti-Terrorist Task Force's job a little easier.

-Put all suspicious and unpatriotic audio tapes, letters, magazine articles, newspaper clippings, coupons, cds, comic books, novels, film clips, recorded TV episodes, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc into an envelope and send them to the following address:
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington DC 20500

Emails can simply be forwarded to . The President's email wasn't available (probably for terror-fighting purposes), but I did find the VP's, . So, I'm guessing the President's is something like . If that doesn't work, you can send it to the VP. He should know, too.

-Last but certainly not least, if you see something that might be even in the slightest bit suspicious and unpatriotic-ie someone wearing a trench coat, someone with dred locks, or someone celebrating a religion you don't understand; and you aren't able to record it please, please call President Bush or the White House (202-456-1111 (White House Comments) or 202-456-1414 (White House Switchboard). Ask for the President.). And the time of the incident isn't an issue here.
They should know of these things as soon as they happen be it morning, noon, night, late night, early morning, or early early morning (Remember to record this conversation, too).

I strongly urge all to take part in this. It's time we helped our government instead of complain about it. Only you can stop yourself from expressing your opinions!


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