Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No Sleep For The Excited

Sunday night, I couldn't sleep. Like a five-year-old on Christmas Eve, I was just too excited. I'd close my eyes and pop awake every five minutes with a giddiness that in normal cases of insomnia is replaced with annoyance. But, not this Sunday. Oh no, I couldn't sleep and I didn't care! I was too pumped up! You want to know why? So do I.

I woke Monday morning after three hours of restless sleep, rushed upstairs to find a bowl of oatmeal and my train pass, which I used on my way to work. A half-hour train ride and a cup of coffee later, I'm at work-where I, surprise, surprise, worked. All that past on the train ride home was another half-hour. Ate dinner. Had a workshop to go to, but wasn't particularly excited about that either. Got home from the workshop and finally realized that NOTHING EXCITING WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!

So, why? Why the snapping awake with uber-excitement? Why the nervousness that comes with too much caffeine? The easy answer would be caffeine. My answer, however, is not. I had no caffeine on Sunday.

So, if anyone is aware of me winning something or some piece of amazing news involving my life that I'm not, please contact me and let me know. It'd be much appreciated.


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