Thursday, June 15, 2006

Crazy Crazy Bo Bazy

Yesterday, the entire train car that I was in was berated by a crazed man who spouted right wing bullshit from every orifice of his body with the ensuing surge threatening to burst open brand new orifices. I don't really care if someone is a republican. But this man literally screamed non-stop for twenty-five minutes, weaving a bizarre web that connected hippies, Bill and Hillary Clinton, homosexuals, the Taliban, and gang-bangers to the mafia (whom he blamed for 9/11). He then challenged the mafia to stop him from yelling. The mafia may have been in a different car because no one responded. So, this man kept on foaming. It was interesting and also annoying. Interesting because it was so stupid and annoying because it was so annoying. You can only hope that men like this are a rarity. But, sometimes it seems like crazy suits are the new fad. Flashier than cotton or polyester, but certainly less rational.


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