Monday, August 28, 2006

baby i gotcha money

Hells yeah, I'm on vacation. Sorry, yinzers, I made this visit to pgh x-trqa incognito, cause this cat's got development deals and brain matter leakin' out my fuckin' ears. Blammo!

Rolled into the 412 on thursday night, rocked some sweet nothings on the family boat thru saturday, then made nice with the roller coasters out kennywood way. Did I say blammo!

How about right now, right this second? I'm sitting in a dentist's waiting room, yo! Whiter, healthier teeth are just a blammo away- let's make that shit happen!

Later today, I'm taking this show to another doctor's office, followed by lunch (blammo), record store (blammo) and the airport (double blammo). That's what comedy star vacations are made of. And my vacations are just like my daily life- best summed up with a "blammo".

This post is done in a style meant to pay tribute to the chorus' short-lived character, Flash. I am really on vacation, though.


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