Monday, November 07, 2005

lyrical help

i'm looking for the lyrics to a very specific song, and surprisingly i can't find them online.

as you may know, i'm an old-school madden gamer. recently, with the release of madden '06, i found the opportunity to up my madden 2k2 to the slightly more modern 2k4 for a song. and what i got was the greatest song of all time.

one of the jukebox tracks on madden 2004 is something called "Neva Scared (Madden '04 Mix)", and it is the single funniest song ever. there's this deep, throbbing, dark and scary beat, and this screaming guy is yelling lyrics on top of it. it starts off appropriately enough:

"It's football time (yeah)
Once again it's on!
So everybody out of your seats
and (something something)

So tell 'em (tell 'em tell 'em)
We ain't never scared (what?)
we ain't never scared (what?)
we ain't never scared"

but as the song eases into the verse, silliness spouts out like cuss words out of third graders. i can only make out some of the lyrics, so here's a fragmented sampling:

"We made the field goal!
Everybody get high!"

that's all i got so far, but do you need any more proof that this is the best song ever? can you help me find the rest of the lyrics? will you go out and buy your own copy of madden '04 so you can enjoy this just as much as i do? the answer to all three is a resounding "yes!"

here's a preview that barely lets you taste the brilliance that this song is


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