Thursday, December 15, 2005

200 Friends on MySpace...

...and #200 is the sweetest one of all. The Steelers.

I'm really looking forward to sleep overs at Alan Fanaca's house, coffeeshop conversation with "Fast" Willie Parker, and Bible Study with Ben Roethlisberger. Good times ahoy! Full speed ahead! What's that? A reality iceburg? It's scraped our hull, and our waterproof compartments are filling? Is there anything we can do? NO! I WILL NOT ABANDON THIS DREAM/SHIP! I'm going down with it. Get the band on deck, tell them to play "Here We Go!" and "The Steelers Polka" until we drown. Maybe they'll do an overrated melodrama about this moment, starring an overrated actor and by an overrated director, and it'll get twelve oscar nominations, and inspire the second in the next series of Star Wars sequels to fold a phony love story into it's "plot" to try to woo the female audience.


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