Monday, December 12, 2005

Time Capsules

Military specialists in Hawaii unearthed a time capsule buried 100 years ago by a Hawaiian king.

It makes me think of the time capsule we left for the future in Pittsburgh. It was stashed in our ceiling by removing one of the tiles and buried by replacing that tile. Our treasure consisted of a plastic monkey mask, a CVS sales flyer, an empty package of Pemmican teriyaki flavored beef jerky, and Trivial Pursuit-the Millenium Edition. Here's some questions I asked myself recently.

Why did we do it?
I suppose the same reason as anyone makes a timecapsule. So people will know who we were and how we lived. For posterity.

What do the contents of our capsule symbolize?, man. Life the way it was in college in Pittsburgh during the years 1998-2002.

Don't we worry that future military specialists will misjudge our findings and assume that our lives consisted of eating Pemmican and playing Trivial Pursuit-the Millenium Edition in monkey masks?

Isn't it naive to think that a building as structurally piss-poor as ours would survive even ten more years, let alone a hundred?

Did you put the contents in a container?

Supposing someone actually does find these things one hundred years down the road, how will they know this was a time capsule deliberately left behind and not just a bunch of junk tossed up into the the ceiling for shits and giggles? Trivial Pursuit-the Millenium Edition is not junk.

Fair enough.

So, if anyone happens to be living in 3114 Joe Hammer Sq. Apt. 3 in Pittsburgh, PA, remove some tiles and take a look. You may have read this, but you'll never really know what it was like to go to college at the turn of the century until you put on those masks and play some Trivial Pursuit. But, afterwards, please think of the future. Put the contents back. Maybe add something yourself. Make sure to put remove another ceiling tile when stashing your time capsule. We don't want to confuse military specialists by mixing time capsules.


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