Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Actual Animal Club Updates

Three quick things to pass along from the Sketch Comedy front:

1. Welcome to the team, Bart Harvey!
Bart Harvey, former technical and tour directors for Second City and Boom! Chicago, has joined the Animal Club as our tour manager. That means he slaves away day-in, day-out for us, booking shows and planning trips and stuff. What a swell thing to do! Wish Bart luck as we try to squeeze as many dates as possible into the spring academic calendar.

2. Sketchingham!
We're happy as hell to announce we'll be going back to the lovely state of Washington this April to do a weekend of shows for what is known as "Sketchingham". Animal Club pals The Cody Rivers Show are bringing five groups in over three weeks for some Pac NW-on-Nationwide sketch action. We're teaming up with Tom's sketch crush du jour, Champagne. We'll announce more details as the date approaches.

3. Running!
We can't go into specifics until the ink is dry, but after a year of waiting, we'll be coming back with a SICKENING amount of new material, a PLETHORA of special guests, at an ESTABLISHED theatre, in a VERY GOOD time slot, starting in late February. Keep your eyes to the ground and your ears peeled for the big announcement. And yes, it will be big.

There's more news brewing- we weren't just taking time off for our health, though we probably should have been- and as it becomes more pertinent and/or important, we'll pass it along.

Cool? Cool.


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Let me know when you're in town!

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