Wednesday, January 25, 2006


i can't believe it's been ten months since i've joined the emusic, but indeed it has. i've caught up on most of the recent releases i wanted, so i took this opportunity to dip into the vault and grab some older albums i've been wanting. here's what wicked this month came:

• the Delta 72: The R&B of Membership
really old album i played a lot during my days as a DJ on WRCT. heavy, blues rock fueled, manic music. it's ass-shaking!

• the vehicle flips: the premise unravelled
"impressed beyond belief" might be my favorite song of all time. i once got in a car crash because i was singing it so hard. this album post-dates that by a few months, and isn't as good (not that it really could be), but it's good old fashioned indie twee pop like they just don't make anymore.

• architecture in helsinki: fingers crossed
"in case we die" was one of my faves last year, and this is the first album from these oz-born unclassifiables. it's fun, it's sad, it's goofy, it's touching, it's just plain good.


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