Wednesday, January 11, 2006

To Sleep, Perchance to Blog, Once More

Yes, it's taken me this long to recover from Sketchfest/SketchfestTV this weekend. In short, this was the most social of all the sketchfests I've ever been to- the incredible talents of MEAT stayed with us, and they just so happen to be the nicest, most interesting, most generally awesome, most "having a DVD of R. Kelly's "Trapped in Da Closet", people in the world, which forced me to lower my already dangerously low sleeping plans.

All told, i got about 7 hours of sleep all weekend and it was more than worth it. Unfortunately, sleep is the power pellet of wit, which leaves me at a loss this week. I'm exhausted and actually wish we didn't have a show this weekend. But we do, so you might as well come (saturday night at 6).

Maybe if I try really hard I can think of a funny way to end this post.



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