Friday, February 03, 2006

The Blue Hour

Still a shade short of sunrise, I greet the morning with a hint of sarcasm- daybreak doesn't have the same refreshing, rejuvenating, invigorating effect if you haven't been to sleep yet.

My sleep troubles are old hat here at the old Animal Club blog, so I'm just doing this to put you, the reader, on notice. The last time I blogged midst an all-nighter-come-work-day, I interpreted the lyrics to "Born to Run", thought a copier looked like a robot butler, and nearly wrapped my car around a tree. This fine TGIF promises to hold all this and more, as I take my stressed out self to the office for a truncated lap at the pond of corporate america, and try to follow that up with video editing and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of loving.

Your eyes? Peel them. Your ears? To the ground with those. Your heart? Is mine. It's crazy blog day at

The over/under for super bowl related posts today is 2.


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