Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Drive Thru...More Like...I Got Nothing.

Today, I went to McDonald's instead of waiting until I got home and making good food for dinner. My "fries" were a little late, so I sat by the window waiting. The McEmployee left the nook, and then I saw something that blew my mind:

1. A plastic cup dropped from it's holder, completely unaided.
2. Apparently, it fell onto a conveyor belt, which proceeded to position the cup under the ice dispenser.
3. I know, you're saying, 'there's no way the ice dispensed itself, too'. Yeah there is. Because it did.
4. I assumed it wasn't done, and was affirmed by the conveyor belt moving the cup along to the soda dispenser.
5. A decent amount of Diet Coke filled the cup 3/4 of the way. After a pregnant pause, the dispenser finished the job.

By this point, the McEmployee had returned with my "fries", and had been holding them out to me for over a minute. But I was captivated and didn't notice. She started yelling at me in her native tongue (I don't really know what it was), I took me food, and spent the rest of my commute home thinking about how all those times I said we weren't like the Jetsons, I just hadn't been looking in the right places.

The future, ladies and gentlemen, is now.

(this is related to the Super Bowl, because I'm sure McDonald's is a sponsor, though I'm too lazy to look for confirmation)
pictured to the right: i have no idea what that is


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