Saturday, January 28, 2006

So how cool am I? (not rhetorical)

I have something that might inform your response:

It's Saturday night, and I've spent the past four hours reading about the Space Program on Wikipedia. Highlights of my evening so far:

• Discovering that there was an aerodynamically identical Russian Space Shuttle called Buran.

• Shedding a tear over the touchingness of the Apollo-Soyuz MIssion, then feeling kind of manipulated after finding out it was only done because NASA had leftover parts from the regular Apollo missions, and was at least partially inspired by the 1968 move Marooned! starring Gregory Peck.

• Learned more about Skylab than I ever could have imagined I would; realized that geeks and engineers have an inner bully that comes out when they talk about Skylab. That was kind of fun.

Now I'm going off to a club to dance the night away, and use my newfound NASA facts to impress some fly hunnies. If the laws of Intertemporal Choice still apply, my chances of scoring tonight have just been raised by a factor of six!


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