Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Footballs

This year 108 footballs were DNA encoded in an effort to crack down on an ever-growing problem here in America. That of illegal counterfeiting of Super Bowl footballs. You have to wonder whose DNA they're using since footballs don't tend to have their own DNA. I'm guessing it's all from two-time Super Bowl hero, Bart Starr

Sure, the amount of people who could possibly counterfeit balls is significantly reduced, but with every person comes a virtual bottomless mine of DNA. So, maybe not everyone can counterfeit, but Bart Starr could counterfeit footballs until the day he dies and his family could keep scraping the DNA off him long after he's passed on. So, have they reduced counterfeiting? Sure, let's say they did. But, have they stopped it? Certainly not. And more importantly, how much can we trust Bart Starr?


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