Friday, March 10, 2006

Clandestine Blogging!

So, I can still post through DashBlog while Blogger is fixing their site problems. Any other mac blogspotters out there, take note.

This is semi-related.

The almighty google owns blogger, and they also own google video, which I am currently uploading videos to. The verification process is a long one, so I thought I'd look around google video for a bit and see what else is there. When I got to the main page, google automatically put "bo diaz" into the search field. Now I know two things for a fact. One, I've never used google video before, and two I was just about to type "Bo Diaz" into the seach field. Can it be that google's search technology is so advanced that it knows what I want to search for before I search for it? If so, welcome to the future, bitch. If not, I wonder what's going on there.

And for the record, Bo Biaz was a baseball player for the Cincinatti Reds in the '80s.


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