Friday, March 31, 2006

Mistakes People Make

Dirt, acorns, shells, shoes, talcum powder, potatos, juice boxes, snap shots, radios, ice, Babysitters Club books, handkerchiefs, cheese, plums, dates, onion rings, sausage, lollipops, crayons, pagers, notebook paper, blank tapes, Popular Science magazines, Jude Law photos, popsicle sticks, laundry...

This is a partial list of all the things that make sense to carry in a sack if you're an ex president on the lam from being tried with war crimes/human rights violations. You'll notice that, although the list stretches to infinite lengths, sacks of money are not included. That's something you should bury and come back to later. But, that's exactly what Charles Taylor, ex-president/human rights violator or Liberia, did. He stuffed sacks full of dollars and euro bills, threw them willy-nilly into a jeep and headed down the road, as if on his way to Daytona.
So, what do this teach us?
Just because you've killed thousands of people, doesn't mean you're not an idiot.


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