Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Das Experiment

At long last, I've begun my great experiment; perhaps the definitive study in my great career. Ever since I joined the digital music revolution, I've wanted to determine, scientifically, how fast you can get sick of a song. First, I needed a song that met the right criteria:

• written exclusively in a major key
• unbelievably catchy, pop chorus
• danceable beat
• not popular, so as to maintain control of exposure

Next, I needed to ensure that I could be constantly exposed to said song, which means it has to:

• wake me up in the morning (iPod)
• play continuously during my commute (iPod)
• play continuously at work (laptop)
• play continuously at home (stereo)

Those being the standards, I sought to fill in the blanks. The test song is "We R The Handclaps by Danish dance stars Junior Senior. The song is not to be found on iTunes, but take my word for it- it's liquid dynamite. Here at 9:34 AM, I'm up to 16 plays, and I'm NOT sick of it yet. Updates to follow.


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