Tuesday, May 09, 2006

An Animal Club Show Comin' Up!

Hey, we finally have a gig in Chicago again that's not a Sketchfest! Thursday May 18th at 8 pm we're sharing the stage with a crew we actually met at Sketchfest (Go figure), The Cool Table. They're a spunky bunch and filled with pep (A synonym of spunk) and good cheer and they've got a regular gig at Gunther Murphy's.

But, our show will be at The Chicago Center for the Performing Arts in their
Studio Theater (777 N. Green St./312-733-6000). It's a lovely space nestled all snug-like in the South Loop. There's a full service bar available, but you don't have to be 21 to see the show. That's right! Bring little brothers, little sisters, little friends, and little grandparents! Bring whomever and whatever you want! But, first and foremost, bring yourself.
Tickets are 10 dollars and 8 dollars for students.


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