Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cosmo Shmosmo

The latest issue of Cosmo is sitting in our bathroom. Mandy Moore is gracing the cover. But, what caught my attention is a little headline in the corner that said:

8 New Places To Have Sex

And here's the thing. I can't tell if Cosmo readers have had sex in so many places already that they're down to only eight left or if Cosmo's just being lazy. But I, personally, can think of at least fifteen right off the top of my head and I'm actually having to cut myself off for the sake of space:

-In A Space Shuttle
-On An Iceberg*
-In A Lunchbox
-Up Teddy Roosevelt's Mount Rushmore Nostril
-On Top Of Two Grizzly Bears Having Sex
-In A Barrel Headed Down Niagara Falls
-In A Weapon Of Mass Destruction*
-In The Empty Space That Was The Sphynx's Nose
-In Atlantis (Requires Deep Sea Diving Skills)* ^
-In The Center Of The Earth (Requires Sun Block)*
-On A Pile Of Honus Wagner Baseball Cards (Requires An Extremely Rare Baseball Card Collection)
-Back In Time*
-Between Two Large Slices Of Bread
-In A Beaver Dam (Mild Case Of Irony May Be Included)
-In A Time Capsule (Requires A Commitment Of At Least Twenty-Five Years)*

*May Result In Death.
^May Have Already Been Done Before. But, We Don't Know Much About The People Who Lived There Before Or During It's Sinkage.


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