Friday, June 30, 2006

Passing On Into The Ether

It's old-ish news, but Sleater-Kinney is breaking up. As much as I understand their decision, it's tough watching another one of my bedrock bands slip into nostalgia. They're playing Lollapalooza next month, and that should be the last chance I get to see them. Pity, because Lollapalooza costs $$$ and takes hours: minutes I don't have.

I thought i'd pass along my favorite SK experience in honor. I tracked down to DC to watch Belle & Sebastian in 2003-ish, and to my surprise, Sleater-Kinney was the opening act. Now I adore SK, especially live, as it's as close as our generation can get to hardcore activist rock that's at least moderately accessible, but opening for Belle & Sebastian? That's morbidly odd. On top of that, the show was at the Daughters of the American Revolution Hall (Seats about 3000), and the joint was sold out, filled with gentle hipsters wearing sports jackets and glasses, just trying to hold hands with their significant other while Isobel Campbel lulled their elitist angst away (that was kind of over the top, but you get the idea). Then these three angry ladies come out and play loud and furious and inspired and madcap and no one save three or four people in the theatre knew what to do with themselves (those of us in the know shook our booties). My companion Joe's gentle shrooming quickly turned frightening and he had to leave for a while. Good fucking times.

Anyway, since I'm 100% positive Sleater-Kinney themselves read this blog, thanks for the music over the years. Sorry I can't make your Chicago coup-de-gras, and best of luck in the future.

PS- if you can track it down, there's an MP3 of SK, the butchies and the gossip playing "Fortunate Son". It's goose-bump material.


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