Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Toy Is A Toy

I was playing with this toy truck today and I noticed that the tires had "TRUCK TIRE" molded in them. Contrary to popular belief, children ages three and up are not stupid. For their entire three and up years of existence they have shared this planet with truck tires. Now, if you're going to take the time to embed labels into plastic, for pete's sake, at least put something clever on them. Even stupidly clever. Like a play on the words Goodyear or Michelin (May I suggest Toyyear of Toychelin?). Or just go generic and use an already existing real tire brand (May I suggest Goodyear or Michelin). Just do something. Because really there's no point in labeling tires "TRUCK TIRE". It's just another case of toymakers underestimating their audience. What makes them think that children ages three and up know the name of every truck part except the tires anyway? There are plenty of complicated parts to a truck that adults ages 18 and up couldn't locate. Why isn't the CARBURETOR labeled? How about the CRANKSHAFT? In fact, why isn't the toy just a series of labels on wheels with an even larger overall label, "TOY TRUCK", embedded onto the finished product so the children will know what the hell they are currently playing with?
Wake up and smell the revolution Tonka!


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