Saturday, June 24, 2006

Through The Bookingbag

Today, in one fowl swoop, I solved all the mysteries that have been plaguing me for weeks. Ever since we came back from New York, my mind has been a shambles-a wasteland devoid of any thought. I suffered from severe post-landing jet-lag brought on by massive sleep deprivation. This coupled with the fact that Ruth left last weekend. So, it was emotional and
tiring. Physically and mentally I was a train wreck of a person. And in this whirlwind of hysteria I somehow lost my driver's license, my work ID, and my gym locker key. All are vital in my day to day life and all were nowhere to be found. I had little time to search as my week was jam-packed with exhaustion. And in the rare case that I did get a chance I would run rampant through the house overturning refridgerators and breaking vases. And nothing- not a single clue.

The last I remembered seeing my license was the morning I flew in from New York, my work ID about two days later, and my gym locker key about a day after that. I felt like the exhaustion was physicalizing itself and taking things of mine and the worst part was I didn't know where exhaustion lived when it wasn't with me.

But, today I went to buy a frappucino because I needed the caffeine boost and because I knew I had extra change to throw around. But, when I reached in my bag to retrieve the change it was nowhere to be found. I searched all over, in every possible pocket and found nothing still. At this point rationality took a back seat and I shook my bag like it was some little hoodlum who just needed to be roughed up before singing like a bird. And you know what? It did. I could hear the coinbird. It was trapped some where. I searched harder and found a hole just big enough to swallow quarters, dimes, driver's licenses, work IDs, and gym locker keys. And just like that, my world became a brighter and more exciting place.


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