Monday, June 19, 2006

Science 102

I had a random realization today. I realized that in school I may have always misunderstood the whole tomato plant science project dealy. You know, the one where you have a base group of tomato plants that you water and take care of normally and then another group that you do something different to to see what happens. Looking back from this high tower of twenty-six years, I see that I missed the whole point in the project when I, for example, decided to mix peanut butter into the soil. There is only one possible outcome of mixing peanut butter and soil together and that it instant tomato plant death. I see now that you were supposed to hypothesize something that might actually work first, not just throw any random sandwich spread into the pot. So, kids, don't do what I have done. Don't try to kill the tomato plants. Make them live, damn it! MAKE THEM LIVE!!!!


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