Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where In The Continental US Is Ruth Gamble?

For those of you missing the trademark curls and the mile-wide smile, here's an update. Ruth scored a gig with Mickey D's. She's traveling the globe (at least the US part of the globe), attending huge events (Pirates of the Caribbean 2 premiere, Lollapalooza, and NASCAR races), and riding in a pimped out RV. You know, the usual deal. All this craziness will be broadcast on this website in webisodes! So you can see her even when you're not seeing her. Last I checked the sight wasn't up yet, but be patient. So soon it will be. And if you're in the area where she is, shoot her an email at ruthgamble@theanimalclub.com . I'm sure she'd love to hang out. She'll be back in October which is a long time to wait, but some people are definitely worth waiting that long for. We're still planning on forging ahead with the silent show that she helped develop. We'll just plug her in when she gets back.


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