Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Rembrandts Greatest Hit(s)

The Rembrandts have released a greatest hits album. This blog has at times been a testament to my love (love being used in its more sarcastic state) for undeserving greatest hits albums. The Rembrandts album goes a little something like this.

Track 1
I'll Be There For You (Opening Credits Of Friends Version)
Track 2
I'll Be There For You (Syndicated And Shortened Friends Version)
Track 3
I'll Be There For You (Hip Hop Remix) (Featuring Timbaland)
Track 4
I'll Be There For You (Kidsong Version) (Featuring Children Shouting Out The Lyrics While The Song Plays In The Far Far Background)
Track 5
I'll Be There For You (Because Our Group Names Are Similar Sounding Version) (Featuring the Replacements)
Track 6
'll Be There For (Pronoun-Free Remix)
Track 7
I'll Be There For You-But Will You Be There For Me? (An Interesting Twist That Leaves You Thinking Version)
Track 8
I'll Be There For You (The Jeep Remix)(Featuring Engine Revs And Tire Screeches)
Track 9
I'll Be There For You (Olympic Gymnasts Version) (Featuring Your Favorite Gymnastics Moments From Over 60 Years Of Televised Olympic Competition) *Production Note-Unable To Finance Visual Component To CD And Unable to Obtain Rights To Any Actual Footage Anyway. Just Imagine Those Moments While Listening To This Track. You'll See What We Mean.
Track 10
I'll Be There For You (The Christmas Version) (Featuring Jesus, Mary, Joseph, The Three Wisemen, Some Shepherds, A Donkey, Two Sheep, And Actual Angels)
Track 11
I'll Be There For You (Millenium Version)(Featuring Real Audio Clips Of People Throughout Time Who Were There For Each Other)
Track 12
I'll Be There For You (Original Version)


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