Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pain Of Worth

Since August, every other post on the AC blog has started with "Sorry we haven't been blogging..." and far be it from me to poke tradition in the eye. That said, sorry we haven't been blogging, but this time, we've got a good, no, GREAT excuse.

Guitar Hero II.

I picked up GH2 and a spare SG controller, and have since logged a solid eight hours of rocking. I hooked the game up to the Animal Club's video projector, so I'm rocking out, with an associate, in front of a 100" screen. Life may get better than this, but I don't care if I find out.

The copious amount of playing had rendered my left hand useless. It still hurts, but today I can hunt-and-peck a lil' bit better.

In summary, go get Guitar Hero II.

That is all.


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