Friday, November 18, 2005

not so much

So yeah, today's project: insomnia is not quite living up to wednesday's . I really wish I had slept. It's only 10:30. I've been at work for three hours. My concentration is Picabo Streeting (read: controlled slippin' and slidin' with possible endorsements for chapstick if I play my cards right), and I forgot my delicious lunch at home. How delicious could it have been, you ask? Feast your eyes on this feast of I's: (that was a bit forced. sorry.)

• cucumber and lettuce salad with catalina dressing
• turkey sandwich on stale white bread with processed american cheese flavored food product slice
• half-baggie of week old harvest cheddar sun chips
• remainder of a 24oz. coke
• vanilla Snack Pack
• yoplait boisenberry yogurt

So maybe it's not the four-star lunch I made you think it was. But I still made it, and left it on the counter in my kitchen, which means I'll have to throw the salad, sandwich, snack pack, yogurt, and coke out. And the smart money is on Ruth eating the sun chips. In fact, Ruth, if you're reading this blog, you can have the whole lunch. Happy Broken Foot!


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