Monday, November 07, 2005

you're kidding, right?

(note: this post will most likely only appeal to myself, my sister, and the oft-mentioned-today geoff from elephant larry)


pirates phenom zach duke came in a fairly ridiculous fifth in voting for the NL rookie of the year. (morgan freeman voice ON) zach duke, who pitched a rag-tag bunch of motley third stringers to an 8-2 record. zach duke, who had an era lower than the bridges that span the erie canal. zach duke, a man among more men. zach duke. (morgan freeman voice OFF)

come on! you have got to be kidding me. to pitch 8-2 for the PIRATES?! that deserves a cy-effing-young, let alone rookie of the year. an era under 2? that doesn't happen in baseball anymore! boo, members of the press core! boo!

then again, if the dodgers 1990's explosion of ROYs is any indication, maybe the pirates were better off him not getting the nod.


Blogger Geoffrey said...

Hey, look at it this way. Who would you rather have, Ryan Howard or Zach Duke? Exactly.

Like in 2003 when Angel Berroa beat out old rookie Hideki Matsui. Who was better in '04 and '05? That's right.

Though to bring it back to 2005, I would probably trade Robinson Cano for Huston Street.

OK, OK, I'm going to sleep now.

12:08 AM  

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