Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Better Off

I just read a brief story of the band Europe, best "known" for their "hit" "The Final Countdown", which is in turn best known as the song GOB dances to when he does his magic show on Arrested Development.

According to the article, Europe broke up because the lead guitarist (pictured to the right) left the band, wanting to do something more like his favorite influences; the Scorpions and Dokken, while the rest of the band wanted to sound more like Journey and Toto.

Sounds like a lose-lose to me. Rumor has it the drummer wouldhave preferred to sound more like Gloria Estefan, but was afraid to speak up. I'm curious why they felt the need to suck like somebody else in the first place. Did they honestly think they didn't suck enough? Or that they didn't suck enough in the style of someone else? It's just as well, I guess. If they'd been more comfortable in their awfulness, they'd have made a few more CD's, and that would have been a pretty big waste of natural resources.

Related: Europe is not from Europe. They're Scandinavian. And they're technically based in the Cayman Islands. And they suck.


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