Thursday, February 16, 2006

Did I Miss Something Beautiful?

I was putting in some extra hours at IO last night when, right in the middle of a show, a transformer blew and the whole block went dark. The emergency lights came on a minute later, and by then, the interns had scrambled and lit some candles, the staff had grabbed some flashlights, and the performers gamely continued, not missing a beat.

It would have been beautiful, but I was not there to perform or be entertained. I was there to edit video, which requires electricity. The project I was working on was lost, and I had to high tail it back to my place and pull an all-nighter. So, no. I did not witness something beautiful, but I'm pretty sure the people who weren't there to edit video did.

And I will not be witnessing anything beautiful today when I go to my office job at 6:30 AM, then to IO by 1:00, then home to finish editing the Animal Club (this sketch group that I'm in) video stuff for the new web page. No, that will probably be more like a train wreck. Or a car wreck, as I will be driving to and from these places on 4 hours sleep in two nights.

Still, I thought I heard Del Close conversing with me last night. So that was cool.


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