Friday, April 21, 2006

More On Bellingham

Baz basically said it all, but I just wanted to toss my hat into the circle and agree that Bellingham was amazing. I'd go so far as saying that it's a Valhalla on earth. I mean there are cafes that musicians play in any time they want for a meal. That's pretty wonderful in my book (you should read it sometime). And everyone there seemed to have a job that they wanted to do. It's like everyone who said, "I want a job that inspires me," in high school moved to Bellingham. I can't tell you how many people we met that work at Nature Preserves, with Children in the Mountains (yes, there were more than one), as artists and musicians. It was amazing. And everyone there seemed happier for it. Seriously. I actually observed the check out girl at Rite Aid make eye contact and smile genuinely at everyone in line as she checked them out!

If you're swinging by or through the Pacific Northwest, circle Bellingham on your map and stop in. You deserve it.

Here's a link to The Gallus Brothers. Just one of the many amazing acts to be found in Bellingham. They opened for Bucket and us on Thursday.
Here's a brief description: They play folksy bluegrass while juggling and
climbing on each other.
An even briefer description: INCREDIBLE (in all caps)


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