Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Movie Review

Last night I saw the funniest film of the year. It was this movie called "Baz Tries To Make A Pot Of Hard-Boiled Eggs". It started off a little slow, filling a pot with water, but then it had this Beckettian "Waiting For Boil" moment, where the main character (Baz) left to play PlayStation and forgot about the water. He noticed the smell of singed Teflon, and promptly burnt his fingers on the pot handle. Then he scalded his face with steam when he immediately filled the pot back up with water. Then came the part where Baz tried to put eggs in the new boiling water with his hands. He cracked seven of them, so the eggs were just kinda floating around flotsam/jetsam style with their empty shells laying at the bottom of the pot.

All told, the film ran for 90 minutes and ran alongside "Baz Tries To Do His Laundry". There was a nice joining of the moments when Baz ate the one good egg out of the eight he tried to make while he folded his still-wet laundry, but overall I think the pieces would work better separately.

Rumor is there's a prequel in the works called "Baz Forgets To Eat All Day And Runs Out Of Socks". Hopefully they'll cast someone else in the role of Younger Baz. I'd love to see what Jake Gyllenhaal could go with this material.

Overall Grade = B-minus.


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