Tuesday, July 11, 2006


There comes a time in every head of hair's life when you are faced with a very important question:
Do we keep growing or let ourselves be cut?
And if only our hair was capable of making decisions, we wouldn't have to do it for them. Alas, this is not the case and I find myself at this particular crossroads. And I'm a little unsure. A common misconception about long hair is that we keep it growing because we're too lazy to cut it. And that's not necessarily true. I will admit that a good quarter of an inch survived and flourished due to laziness. But, most of what I have is out of pure curiosity. I just wanted to see what would happen. And I must say that I've liked the results. I also must say that lately I've been leaning towards the clippers.
Half of me loves the hair. Not for much more than I like the way it feels. I like pulling it back and having it climb out the back of a bandana. Makes me kinda feel free.
Half of me wants a change. It's summer and long hair brings about longer sweat. ?
So yeah, like I was saying, lately I have been leaning towards a trim. But, today on my home from work I was bobbing my head to Built To Spill, kind of caught up in the thrill of all that is Distopian Dream Girl, and a man's frantic motions caught the corner of my eye as the train was coming to a stop. He was saying something, but all I heard was Built To Spill. He looked really happy and extended his arm out in an exuberant thumbs up. He started saying something else and I figured I should take the ear phones off. "There's so few of us left." My first thoughts were that he didn't look Hungarian and he wasn't standing like he was pigeon-toed. Then, he reached behind his head and showed me his ponytail. It was a perfect length ponytail. Not too long. And he didn't look scary. Just a happy guy with a ponytail who was proud of me. Kind of like my long-lost-long-haired father or something. At the very least a long-haired second cousin. But, it kind of left me feeling warm. I don't know why. But, it did.
And now, I'm back to square one.


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