Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Two Week's Notice

(note: this entry is about quitting my job. For information on the 2002 film starring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, see Two Weeks Notice (film))

I've done it.

In two weeks I start my full time job at iO, leaving behind, hopefully for good, the ironic joys of working in corporate america. It was a little hard telling my boss I was leaving, if by hard you mean insatiably pleasurable. Nothing against my former co-workers and/or subordinates, but the database management lifestyle was just not for me. The job managed even to suck dry my love for design and layout, as I was asked to handle the data releases but was constrained (artistically) by small-minded corporate big wigs who sought shiny colors because they were more "noticeable", and preferred me NOT to use white space. C'est la American Dream.

Anyway, gone will be my commute, my healthy pay checks and the general store I've grown to depend on for blog fodder. As a tribute to my time in this office, I present a select handful of posts inspired by and written at my desk over the past year and a half. Enjoy?

The U.O.G.
Pinter Named This Office
Prepubescents, Start Your Engines
Shiver Me Vomit
Valentine's Day
Actual Conversation With A 65-Year-Old Co-Worker


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