Saturday, July 15, 2006

Space Trash

A Japanese Jeweler, Platinum Guild International, is offering to send vows of love into space if you buy one of their wedding platinum rings. Their vows will be put on a DVD and shot into space in a rocket. Sweet in a way. Bizarre in another. And space pollution in still another. Seriously, what's more likely:
A.) A UFO comes careening through space and catches a glimpse of the rocket. They find the DVD and pop it into their DVD player. Somehow they have a DVD player and understand Japanese. They put their DVD on the shelf with MASH seasons 1-11. God, Klinger was funny!

B.) A UFO comes careening through space when a soyuz rocket loaded with Japanese love vows come crashing through its windshield. The UFO veers out of control and slams into rockets containing Timothy Leary's and Gene Roddenberry's ashes. All aliens inside are killed.

How many aliens have to die before we stop sending random shit into space?

Wanting to leave lasting messages isn't a new idea. Up until the time of Columbus, you could put messages of love on a schooner sent to float off the edge of the earth and during the western expansion of the US in the late 1700-mid 1800s you could have your vows swallowed by a bison and set free for Native Americans to find.


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