Wednesday, August 30, 2006

From My Desk

It has been hard lately to get to a computer. Makes me realize what it must have been like for the pioneers, treading those long, unkempt paths. In the near-future I plan to own one of these gadgets (computers, not pioneers). Until then, I have realized that I am all right. I find that, while at times I crave a tap at the ol' keys, by and by I still feel complete if I don't. I'd like to have a computer, sure. But, I still sleep well at night without one. Some people would call this non-committal. I like to call it adaptable. It's a philosophy I've cultivated through a lifetime cocktail of major and minor crises. Growing up on the streets, falling into a life of crime with the Hungarian mafia, my entire family murdered, yada, yada.* Roll with the punches I suppose. Make the most of it all. Whatever "it all" may be. Currently "it all" is a lack of internet. So, for now, my contributions may seem lacking. But I will be back in full force when the time comes. In fact, our group in general has fallen along the internet wayside and somewhat on the wayside wayside, too. But, I can assure you that while we may seem to be asleep, we are merely silently plotting. And The Animal Club will be up and kicking like a drunken donkey club real soon!

*This lifetime cocktail not necessarily my own.
Mostly it's the life cocktail of fictitious crime lord, Keyser Soze.


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