Wednesday, August 03, 2005

summer of a thousand blog posts

frequent readers of this blog will note that our math is pretty sketchy (pun!), so you may want to take the title of this post with a grain of salt. actually, shane (thunderbelly) and i have decided to make august our "Month of 375* blog posts".

turns out, we've only posted about 125 times so far, and that's not the output we think you deserve. so get ready, get set, BLOG!

*in order to meet this goal**, shane and i must average 6 posts per day each through the month of august, and rely on ruth or tom to kick something in somewhere along the line.

**i have absolutely no confidance*** in our ability to meet this goal.

***i'm on my computer at work, which means i don't have spell check, which means it will look like a third grade potato race**** star will have written this.

**** oooh! i should blog about the potato race. 3 down*****, 3 to go!

***** including the potato race one


Blogger Gab Bonesso said...

About fucking right. Ruthie? Tommy Toon? You never write blogs. Quit leaving this shit up to Balzer and Thunderbelly. As my brother Pep would say, "What the piss? I didn't know she was a hooker, ma. No, don't hit me again dad. What the piss?"

Thank you for your time.

4:34 PM  

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