Monday, January 16, 2006

sketchfests vs. blogging

it's been a tough couple of weeks for our half-dozen or so regular readers. sorry about that. with great sketchfests come great responsibilities, and being a "host" group this year left us with little time to dabble in the blogging arts.

not to fear, though. with sketchfest behind us for another couple of months and sketchfest TV getting ahead of scheudle (soon), we'll be back to our regular interval at-best-ammusement starting tomorrow. in the meantime, i'll just say...



Blogger nowpicnic said...

yeah, baz. i've been reading this blog for a n *entire* week now, and i have to say, your blogging rate has really slipped.

i'm disappointed in you.

-- kathy

5:56 PM  

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